a little of me //

small town girl meets the city…then she decided to follow her travel dreams and she was never the same again.

i’m a twenty something lady trying to make sense of all that dating, finding yourself, building a career, fueling your passion stuff.  so while i continue to try and figure out who i am and where i am supposed to be in this beautiful world, i remain an eternal optimist.

with an open heart and mind, a camera in my hand and pen and paper never too far away, i dance and laugh through it all…mostly at myself.

5 thoughts on “a little of me //

  1. Hi Hallie,
    It’s fun reading your life experiences on your blog. Sounds like your having the time of your life. I hope your birthday was happy! Be safe.
    Big love!

  2. Hey, This is Dani from Bootsnall. Thanks for being such an awesome part of the 2015 Indie Travel Challenge. Do you you have a facebook or Twitter account? I see you’re tagging #DoYouIndie in these posts, but we can’t track them properly this way. Please share each post a social media with the hashtag #DoYouIndie so we can see all your amazing answers and share them with our audience!


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