Catch Up Post: #GirlBoss…

*Catch up post from February 2016…late to the party, I know*


“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.”  –Mohadesa Najumi

I read in a book once…”The mistress of self-reinvention…”  And I’ve decided I quite like that.  She is me.  I am her.  That fickle little mistress of self-reinvention.  Always wondering and wandering through my mind about my next best move.  Geographically and mentally, physically and emotionally…where will I go next?  What will I do?  Who will I be?

The beauty of life is being in control of your own fate.  Securing your own destiny.  We are always, in every minute of every day, just one choice away from a different path.  How brilliant and empowering is that?!  Even when the current shifts universally and a situation is out of our hands, we still get to control our choice on how we react or respond.  Lately I’ve been getting naturally high on the idea of female empowerment.  Obviously an idea that has overcome serious peaks and valleys over time, but always relevant.  I feel in my veins this need to be a woman of empowerment who empowers others…specifically women.  Somehow it’s been growing fiercer inside of me in recent months and I’m not certain if that’s due to the fact that I just turned 30 and with this new decade, I feel a fresh sense of enlightenment and a drive to do more or if it has to do with what I have overcome and experienced in my life which has inevitably lead me to this point…either way, I’m owning it.

In 2016, thanks to the amazing women who fought and died for our legal and social equality, we have a serious “girl power” movement happening.  Front lined by women in power, of opinion, on platforms of fame and so on.  Although it seems that the road is still bumpy at times, it’s paved more than it ever has been before, with some potholes to keep things interesting.  This brings me to this concept of the Girl Boss.  I’ve had some battles with this term for awhile now and I’d like to explain them here which I hope will ignite a dialogue because I’m always looking for feedback.

On one hand…

I think the term Girl Boss is bullshit.  There I said it.  I think it’s f*cking lame and stupid and we should throw it out.  Why?  No, it’s not because I’m a traitor to my own gender.  It’s because I think we should ALL be bosses of our own damn lives.  Why make it a “girl” specific thing?  To me, that just gives more man power to the existing term “boss”.  Sometimes we forget to fight for ourselves, to be the leading lady in our own lives.  We lose sight of our balls {which let’s face it ladies, are more intact than most of the dudes we encounter-am I right?} from time to time and need a reminder to grab life by the pants and get back to being the boss.

On the other hand…

The term Girl Boss is legit.  Because in any situation of oppression, there is profound power in owning the very thing that is attempting to hold someone or a group down.  Women have been quieted, pushed back, been told to stand still and look pretty, be the Susie Homemaker and perfect mother aka superwoman for centuries.  I do think that coining it specifically to girls/women gives an even stronger voice to the concept.

Two ways of looking at it, maybe even more…but the thing that truly matters, is that one of the great things coming out of this year so far is female power.  If you haven’t found your inner lady boss b*tch, I encourage you to spend some time finding her…I assure you, she’s a warrior, a passionate woman, a force to be reckoned with…and she’s screaming to get out.

Xx in warriorhood and #girlbossing,


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