Days like this…

“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”–Gary Snyder

I took a walk today…

A walk not impressive by distance, but impressive by nature.

As I stood on this mountain I work on in my daily grind, I gazed out at the 360* views that take my breath away.

This valley, I am fortunate enough to call home…

Where roots grow deep among the aspen groves and tall pines.

Where burn scars linger and smiles don’t fade.

A place where community is the river that runs through, connecting these rural towns as one.

As the winter sun beamed on me, I relished in the fading slices of winter chill, watching streams flow down the hill as snow melts into what will soon be spring.

I remembered days like this in my youth…

Days of crisp air hitting our faces as we went outside to embrace the sun like a race against time.

Longing for the grass to appear and for lunch breaks to be taken outside once again.  The anticipation of the coming season.

I closed my eyes and saw images of myself twirling and playing shadow games.  Of hide and seek with my giggling brother, our dog chasing us around and getting in on the fun.

That sun, high in the sky, beaming bright as though a beacon of my past and a portal into my future.

I took a walk today…

I remembered distance matters little…when the journey has been long.

Days like this…I breathe in gratitude.

I am thankful for the sun.

Written Leap Day, 2.29.16.

*Disclaimer: Irony came in the form of white powder as I awoke this morning to all signs of Spring erased, this valley I so adore, covered in fresh snow.

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