out with the old…

“a mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions…” –Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

this quote couldn’t hold more truth for me as 2015 comes to a close.  it’s been a whirlwind; a crazy and beautiful 363 days of learning, living, loving, growing and a whole lot of one of my favorite “F” words…you can feel free to quietly guess the others…forgiveness.  it’s been the most pivotal and important lesson i’ve learned this year and it’s never without its struggles.

as it turns out, change will show you periodically in life that you can never go back.  sometimes, we’ve experienced so much newness that the oldness just won’t do any longer.  i went through my fair share of shifts and changes and trials and tribulations this past year.  i found out just how hard post travel life can be; it’s a serious challenge.  you see, after you’ve explored the world outside of your comfort zone, seen the moon on a different side of the planet, gained perspective on culture and people and places and things, felt things you didn’t know you could feel, your mind {and inevitably, your heart}, just can’t go back to the old that existed before you left.

in true “me” form, i learned all these lessons the hard way…nothing ever comes easy when you’re a student of the universe.  with good humor and a {mostly} unwavering optimistic outlook, i conquered the battles of 2015, in matters of mind, body, heart and soul.  i earned some new scars on my shield and have holstered my sword for now.  i’ve stated before how i don’t really do the whole resolutions thing…at least i haven’t written any down since college.  this new year being the clean slate that i need it to be is completely up to me.  i’m choosing to let 2015 things, stay there.  i’m not bringing any of the old baggage with me into 2016.  with forgiveness, i’ve allowed myself to let go of the feelings, states of mind, people and things that don’t serve me.  they are to remain in this year, as i dance {a little more weightless} into the new year.  i encourage anyone reading this who has some baggage to tend to, to attempt the same.  2015 was my year of forgiveness and letting go.  2016 has yet to be defined and i couldn’t be more thrilled to ring it in.

so tomorrow night while i’m serving myself a nice chilled glass of champagne, reveling in the company of old friends and making some new, draped in glitter and gold, i’ll be kissing my glass at midnight, cheersing away another year gone by and drinking in all that is yet to come…

SLAINTE mates!  good tidings…& always peace…to conquer all life throws your way.


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