#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: consciousness…the way forward…

“we don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors. we borrow it from our children.”            -David Brower


D A Y 16 of this BootsnAll Indie Travel Challenge brings up a lot of feelings that i just began to share in my D A Y 15 catch up post.  although having only really explored AU for longer term travel, i have adopted the responsibility that i strongly believe ALL travelers should exemplify.  we are borrowers.  nothing is guaranteed or owed to us in this life.  as we exist on this beautiful, but wounded planet, i deem it a crucial component to survival that we make impacts that don’t scar.  be eco-conscious and make your footprint small.

QUESTION: do you try to travel responsibly? how do you define ecotourism and how important is it to you? (be honest.) what are some ways you can travel responsibly and how you can tell if a company/tour is actually eco-friendly or not?

i do try to travel responsibly.  leaving my love of fashion behind for a year, i committed to a life with only the clothes and gear i deemed necessary to live.  knowing i wouldn’t have to cart my pack far most of the time, i still aimed to keep things simple and pack “light” to eliminate unnecessary weight.  part of traveling responsibly to me, means letting go of frivolous items and allowing yourself to be freed of the ideas you previously held before you left your comfort zone.  it also means that you allow yourself to contribute to the places you’re experiencing as opposed to taking from them.  travel gifts us something that money cannot buy, but it also teaches us the importance of where we spend our money.  ecotourism to me is truly appreciating the nature spaces you seek.  it is in allowing yourself to experience it in its purest form, giving back to it as it gifts you a memory nothing and no one can take from you.

as i mentioned in my previous eco-travel post, i aimed to give back to the communities and national parks and beaches in Australia that were allowing me the experiences i will never forget.  it is so important for us to take only what we need to survive and leave behind only dust.  in this day and age where money and power and information are rulers, we have to decide for ourselves where we stand and what issues and causes we contribute to and believe in.  as with all things, moderation seems to be the key.  pack out what you bring in is a nature aficionado motto…why we don’t all strive for this in our day to day lives is a mystery.  i’m certainly not perfect at it, but i really do try my hardest to be conscious.  conscious as a consumer and as a human being.

being able to tell if a company is eco-friendly or not seems easy enough.  i try to exist under the notion that all people are good and that i can trust them…until they prove me otherwise.  seek out information.  take personal testimonies, but also do your own research.  it’s important to form your own opinions in everything in life and it comes into critical play whilst traveling.  read reviews and ask questions when you’re looking into destinations and activities, etc.  read labels for your food and clothing and other products you use.  i have improved on this practice GREATLY in my travel experience and it’s something i continue striving for in my day to day life.  nothing and no one is perfect, but if we choose to be forward thinking as travelers and as humans, remaining conscious and in tune, we can contribute towards saving this planet for ourselves and for our future generations.


tell me how you choose to be an eco-conscious traveler in the comments below!

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