#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: money on my mind…

“do something today that your future self will thank you for…” -unknown


D A Y 14 of this BootsNAll indie travel challenge.  today happens to be a question that i put some serious thought and execution into when i was gearing up for my launch to Australia.

QUESTION: when you are getting ready to travel what can you do to cut back on your expenses? is there anything you do differently before you travel versus during?

one of the biggest things i cut back on pre-travel was eating and drinking out.  again i will state that this is a “to each their own” situation…we all know where we want to spend our hard earned money and we all have different goals for our savings.  for me, once i booked my ticket, i was determined to save where i could and pinch as many pennies as possible before i flew half way across the world.

if i went out with friends, i would choose to be social and stay sober to save money on drinks.  sometimes i would indulge and treat myself to one drink out, but generally speaking, i would try to eat before meeting up with friends so that the temptation to take care of my growling tummy would be eliminated as an option.  another expense i cut back on was having my company pay for my cell phone.  this allowed me the chance to save over $100 a month and although it meant a sacrifice of my “after hours” time, it was worth it to me since i knew it was temporary.  i also found someone to sublet my studio and take over the use of my furniture so i could save on rent.  with my nanny family launching into their RTW trip a few months before i left for my year away, i was fortunate enough to organize living at their house for an amazing win-win situation.  that helped me save about 3 months in rent costs before my launch.

i got better at meal planning so that i could make sure i wasn’t wasting money on groceries that wouldn’t be consumed.  i also avoided going to the store when i was hungry so that i wasn’t indulging on frivolous items in my shopping cart.  i stopped spending money on clothes for work and going out because i convinced myself i couldn’t justify ANY wardrobe purchase that i wouldn’t be taking with me in my backpack to AU.  i was still making a car payment, plus insurance, a credit card payment and paying towards two student loan accounts.  those expenses add up fast and took a pretty intense sum of money that i would have much rather banked for my trip, but reality is a thing…you have to face it.

pre-departure, i really started talking myself into this new mentality i would need to adopt while traveling.  i told myself that i could only afford a certain price per day for my life and anything outside of that was not allowed.  a lot of budgeting is about changing your mental game…the change in your finances will come once your mind set shifts about how you’re managing and spending your money.

no matter how you prepare yourself and your finances for your next trip, make sure you budget for the essentials you’ll need while you’re out there in the world and realize that more often than not, you can buy a lot of necessities out there on the road.  prepare for what you can and just ride the wave…

let me know how you change your spending game before a trip in the comments below!

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