#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: the art of packing light…

“the mountains are calling and i must go…” -unknown


D A Y 12 here {playing catch up…AGAIN} on this BootsNAll indie travel challenge.

CHALLENGE 1: share with us what’s in your pack right now, or what you bring on a long-term trip. have you changed how much you bring since you first started our challenge?

i’m unhappy to report that there’s nothing in my pack right now except some empty packing cubes and another empty day pack…sitting on a shelf in my closet back home.  currently, i am living out of my clothes hamper and my leather weekend bag.  there’s a sense of empowerment being able to pack light and pack what you need in a small confined space.  i leave Montana tomorrow to head back to Washington state for a photo shoot with a friend and her beautiful one month baby boy.  after that, i’m heading back to my mountain home to work for 3 days, then i’ll be city bound to Seattle for a couple days to see friends and take off to NYC for the first time ever…stoked is an understatement.

the “nomad” life, although temporary for me right now, is one i have really chosen to accept.  don’t get me wrong, i love fashion and the freedom it allows for me to express my creativity and represent myself in this big world we live in.  i also love living small and modest out of a backpack or a car and enjoying experience over things.  whatever you choose to have in your pack…make sure you always carry a heart open to all the experiences that lay ahead of you.


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