#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: for what it’s worth…

“a picture is worth a thousand words…” -unknown

D A Y 13 of the BootsnAll indie travel challenge is here and it happens to be surrounding a personal favorite part of travel: photos.  they say a picture is worth a thousand words…and i can honestly say, i never felt the true meaning of that until i traveled.  one photo can ignite so many memories in just one glance.

CHALLENGE: share your top 5 favorite photos from your adventures. they can be places you found beautiful, shots of amazing local cuisine, or even silly selfies.

with that here goes…


this photo was taken in sydney, NSW, australia on one of my first few days of my adventure.  traveling alone instilled even more independence and inner strength in me and this particular day was full of treating myself to adventure around sydney harbour, indulging in a theatre date and some seaside gelato and enjoying the tiled sails of the opera house with my camera.


taken by my dear soul friend and forever travel buddy…this is another photo portraying adventure and part of my independence.  hitchhiking for the first time ever could have been scary, but honestly, it was a brilliant day, long, but one of my top favorites.  it may have taken my friend kary and i 6 rides to get to our final destination, but when you have music, a book to read aloud, sweets to enjoy and endless giggles to share, a long day goes by fast.


loch ard gorge.  a place i was lucky enough to experience twice in my year in AU.  also the place where my memory card of photos fell to its resting place.  the beauty and fierceness of this stop on the Great Ocean Road is hard to beat which is saying a lot considering how much i was fortunate enough to see in this amazing country.  it will always be a favorite.


carmilla beach.  a place that will always be near and dear to my heart.  you can read about why here.  a beautiful, pristine beach which happened to be a FREE place to camp and also happened to be mostly FREE of people aside from our crew.  starry night adventures faded into daytime dreaming as we spent 2 blissful days on this shoreline.  waking up early to catch this sunset will always be vivid in my mind.

photo 2-2

the magic of this day is hard to describe.  this photo was taken by my darling English friend, sam, on an adventure day in the daintree rainforest.  we found real, live fern gully up this beautiful creek and with just the two of us exploring it truly was magical and an irreplaceable memory.  i’m so grateful for that day and for this picture to remind me that if we are open minded and open hearted, we can all find a little magic…wherever we go.

share your favorite photos with me in the comments below and tell me how #DoYouIndie.

join the indie travel challenge here.

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