#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: money don’t grow on trees…

“rich is not what you have, it’s who you have beside you…” -rich kids brand

10616361_10152646536673670_5570262599106665329_nphoto credit: yuki’s self timer awesomeness


D A Y 10 of this little writing challenge has me one day behind…expect D A Y 11 later today…i’m loving this regular writing thing still though.  i’m feeling all sorts of natural high today as i’ve continued getting my baby and kid fix all through the weekend and this week has brought some serious bonding between my adorable almost 4 year old nephew in.  being “Auntie Howie” is pretty much the best…THAT, is something that is priceless…

QUESTION 1: how will you manage your money when traveling? how will you pay bills and stay on budget? if you have done a RTW trip are there tips you can share?

insert the laughing/cry face emoji here.  honestly, any question about money and traveling just make me laugh.  mostly because i managed to {mostly} not manage my money well while traveling, but that’s the brilliance of AU and a working holiday visa…you can make that cash while you’re there to fund further exploration.  because i was on the “no plan, plan” and i booked a one-way ticket, i had literally committed to going when i was going.  i gave myself about 7 months before d-day.  i managed to save a modest amount to take with me, knowing i’d have to stretch it pretty far and then get a job in AU to move myself along.  disclaimer:  Australia is bloody expensive!  i was fortunate enough to get some help from dear old dad when i needed it and pay him back when i could.

i had to decide early on that survival was the only mode i could choose to be in.  that meant sacrificing on certain things.  i had 12 months to go…no souvenirs or gifts to send or pack back home.  post cards and sending them even got ruled out as a “i can’t afford to do this every month” mission.  it can be a selfish mode to be in, but with dollars and coins dwindling fast, it’s just the way it has to be.  i traveled for 3 months, eating one full meal a day and stocking up on snacks.  i was traveling alone my first month so i wasn’t going out and i also chose home stays and farm stays to work off my room and board and it’s a GREAT way to immerse in a culture and meet some helpful locals that can get you further on your journey.  i worked as a bartender and made great money and the last job i scored shocks everyone.  while living on the road, i needed the money to get myself on a plane home before my visa expired…resources people.  use your resources.  and by this, i mean people skills.  connect with people and gain insight.  these tools got me a job as a carni.  yes that’s a true story.  you can read about how that came to be and all about how i managed to keep all my teeth here…and here.

as i’ve said a million times before, travel is all YOURS to define.  you can budget and plan and have everything set…or you can wing it and make it work.  either way, i highly recommend an attitude that allows you the ability to go with the flow and adjust your sails as needed…it keeps life interesting.  and always remember that money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a plane ticket to a new destination and bring you closer to it.

how #DoYouIndie and manage your money while adventuring through life?  tell me in the comments below.

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