#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: people over pamphlet…

“tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going…” -paul theroux

D A Y 5 of this BootsNAll Indie Travel Challenge.  feeling good, inspired and also very productive this week.  bring on F R I Y A Y


Local Vs. Received Information

QUESTION: have you had an experience based on information from a local and how did it work out?

my true passion in life is people.  i literally thrive off of the energy of just being AROUND other humans…we don’t have to speak or connect or even acknowledge one another, but to know that they are around me…breathing, thinking, surviving, living…that’s enough.  don’t get me wrong, i love my completely solo time as well, but being in the energy of the human race is bliss.

when it comes to our day to day shuffle, so often we move quickly and absent minded through the things we’re doing that we forget about the idea that it takes disconnection to form a connection.  in this millennial day and age that has us seeking information so quickly, there isn’t even time to blink while purchasing the next piece of technology before the media is alerting you of its latest model…obviously better than the one you just broke your piggy bank over.  we move too damn fast and we forget to slow down, look up and connect in real, human, face to face time.  i have shared my thoughts on this subject a few times here and here.

travel not only allows you the perfect platform in which to disconnect, but it actually requires it.  the only way to truly experience the destination you’ve chosen, is to be ALL there…wherever you are.  you have to just BE there.  having picked a mostly english speaking country to launch my first big international adventure in, it was relatively easy to communicate give or take a strong accent here or a bit of tough to bite through lingo there.  australia is literally one of the NICEST and most HELPFUL cultures i have been fortunate enough to experience and i can’t emphasize enough how safe you can feel there alone or in good company.  as a woman who chose to go it alone with a one way ticket in hand and a backpack as my only companion, i had several options when it came to navigating my way around my new geographical world as well as different methods in which to research what activities and sites i would/should be partaking in.  did i have a technology device to help me? yes.  did i use it? yes.  but despite the fact that i sought wifi refuge on the occasion and used the googles to solve problems, book travel and everything in between, my favorite method of getting from a lost point A to a found point B was looking up, smiling and talking to locals.

regardless of where you are in the world, i can guarantee you, there is someone incredible that will help you on your journey.  trust me.  test it out.  report back.

people are amazing.  i had many experiences getting my insights and information from locals who were not only stoked to have me in their country, but were ecstatic at the thought that i had no real direction or anything booked or planned.  they got to act as my personal tour guides and it was brilliant, i honestly believe, for both of us.  my favorite experience gaining my new life plan from a local was on melbourne cup day in melbourne, VI.  a ghost of a city on this day once a year when everyone goes off to the races {or to the local pub to get pissed out of their eyeballs, losing money on liquid courage AND betting on horses}.  it was at southern cross station that i happened upon a human who not only helped me connect to the wifi {so that i could iMessage my dad some cool street art photos i’d taken on my jaunt about the city no one seemed to exist in}, but helped me make a list of all the places i SHOULD and eventually {mostly} WOULD go in my time in AU.  i still have the list.  as we cut through introductions and shared some background information about ourselves, my travel guide was created.  looking up, smiling, laughing, pausing to share a relevant story, sharing in a memory, i meticulously wrote it in my phone “notes”, {backpackers don’t have room all the time for pen and paper} and i don’t think i’ll ever part with it.  an adventure list of epic proportions, noting places and spaces not only in and around the city i met this legend in, but ALL over the beautiful country he was so proud to be from and that i was so eager to explore.

speaking to locals is by far the BEST way to gain insights to the greatest places to put your toes in the sand, the safest places to scuba dive, the most delectable cuisine to enjoy, where they pour the drinks the cheapest {and strongest} and the massive places at the ends of the earth where you will feel the smallest.  it was a great success for me, despite a lot of the recommendations i received costing an amount of money that no backpacker could conjure, i locked into that list and used it as a constant reference.  checking weather at various times of the year for certain destinations he deemed as a “MUST SEE”, gathering a tribe who might be interested in experiencing one or more of these things with me, setting goals to get there if not this trip, on the next.

i truly believe it’s all about people in this life we live.  when you trust your instincts and you trust your fellow human, you’re more often than not, going to get the information you seek on your journey…and you may even make a lifelong friend…or at least a memory.


share your experience of traveling on local information in the comments below!

join the challenge with me here.

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