#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: high five…

“it feels so good to be lost in the right direction…” -unknown

D A Y 6 of this BootsNAll Indie Challenge…anyone else SO stoked that it’s Friday?!


QUESTION: what are your top five travel tips for new travelers before they start a trip?

i do not, will not, nor will i ever claim to be ANY kind of expert on the subject of traveling.  that’s the beauty of the traveler’s journey, you become seasoned, you become experienced, but you are ALWAYS learning…so for this fact, i will not ever consider myself an expert on anything having to do with travel…no matter how many countries i adventure to.

with that being said, because i moved around frequently for an entire year, jumped out of my comfort zone, i learned A LOT.  like seriously, i have a plethora of knowledge, how to’s, how not to’s, etc.  i get SO excited when i get the opportunity to share my knowledge and the skills i gained {mostly the hard way} while i explored australia.  these tips do not by any means only apply to a traveler heading to the land down under {although i can deeply endorse ANY human making the trip…it will always be a worth while one!}  these tips i now have in my traveler’s toolbox will continue to serve me and i hope they can also benefit you, no matter where your wings are taking you next…here’s my T O P 5 T R A V E L T I P S!

  1. ALWAYS trust your instincts.  i literally cannot emphasize this enough. trust me when i say that that gut instincts of yours, that’s your best mate.  whether you are at home “Netflix and chilling” with yourself on a friday night, drinking a glass {or bottle} of wine or sipping on some choice whiskey, OR in a foreign country anywhere on the planet, TRUST your instincts.  they will get you far and keep you safe.  your intuition will guide you in moments of feeling lost and also encourage you to keep moving forward in those beautiful moments when you finally feel found.  they will never let you down.  trust them.
  2. LOOK UP.  i know, i know.  as i’ve stated before here and here and here, as a human race we are constantly doing just that…racing into the next moment, the next bit of information, connecting constantly to the ever present desire for information.  when you’re traveling, not only do you need to have your wits about you to stay aware of your surroundings and keep safe, but you also need to take the time to actually SEE and BE on your trip.  looking up will allow you the opportunity to experience and breathe in each and every moment of your adventure.  eye contact and a smile can literally save you.  it will take you from a moment of despair to a moment of pure joy when you look up, make a connection with a real human and get the answers and information you seek.  so put down the Lonely Planet book, recycle the map and bloody hell, keep your phone in your pants.  look up and LIVE IN YOUR TRUTH!
  3. PLAN VS NO PLAN.  i can walk this talk.  i’m not really a planner with a lot of things in life these days.  which may be considered ironic since most of the things i’ve done to get me to this point took some sort of planning, however, when it comes to travel, i strongly encourage being on the no plans, plan.  it deeply benefited me.  it doesn’t work for everybody, but that’s why this is my post about my travel tips…you can sift through and take them as you will.  i LOVED not having a real plan.  it was extremely liberating and freeing to book a one-way ticket.  people i love, thought i was crazy and i had a “zero f*cks given” mentality about it.  that was the point.  i had my destination chosen, i had places i wanted to see, things i wanted to do, experiences i wanted to come home with, but no real deadline or direction.  it was brilliant…for me.  i was able to seek a place and go with the flow depending on who i met, where my quickly dwindling bank account was at and honestly, where my heart and feet were feeling pulled.  it’s a great way to experience the things coming at you, wherever your feet and backpack have taken you…it encourages you to just BE.
  4. PHOTO BACK UP METHOD.  yeah.  you can see where this is going.  naturally this travel tip comes from a seriously unfortunate event wherein a self-proclaimed photographer learns yet another life lesson the hard way.  i am in no way encouraging the packing of extra gear by any means…i am an avid cheerleader for less is more when you’re hitting the open road, but PLEASE for the love of all that is frozen in time memory, have a back up method if you’re going to be taking a lot of photos.  my plan would have worked perfectly if i hadn’t gotten so damn excited and acted like a 4 year old playing with the waves at Loch Ard Gorge on the Great Ocean Road road trip i was on with my dad while he visited me for 3 weeks in Oz {you can read about that awesome adventure here}.  my intention had been to send him home with my finally filled up memory card.  what ACTUALLY happened was that in wine country, on the road, my camera card was full and needed to be switched.  switching from old to new was a cinch and i told myself i would just place the old one somewhere safe when we settled into the next accommodation.  well, exploration makes you giddy and distracted…so it never made it to that safe place.  while at the beach, taking photos, my memory card decided to take an adventure of its own and join the sandy sea shore {saying that 5 times fast doesn’t make the blow easier to take by the way}.  1 memory card. 8 months of AU adventures.  over 1,000 photos that i was REALLY effing proud of. never to return.  {i’m going to go cry again and mourn this loss…again}.  alright, i’m over it.   regardless of what backup method you choose, just HAVE one that works.  i still have the memories engraved in my cranium, but pictures are cool to have too.  ’nuff said.
  5. BE THE CHANGE. i know…it’s another “feel good” travel tip…you should know by now you don’t get any itinerary worthy information from this vagabond…it’s just not me.  when you’re traveling and experiencing a new chapter in your life, do as Gandhi tells us to do.  we must BE THE CHANGE we wish to see in the world.  when you’re in another country, another culture, another world…be the change you want to see.  whether that’s a change within yourself, a change for humankind, be it and own it.  so often we are ignorant and impatient and we need to take that extra moment to breathe in love and acceptance and breathe out fear and judgement.  we can apply this travel tip in our daily lives, but when you’re out there, representing yourself, your country, your culture, be someone you would want to meet traveling.  there are a million questions that people will ask you when they meet you traveling, strive to ask the off the cuff ones that no one sees coming.  dig a little deeper, attempt to not be surface.  choose to discard mediocrity and adopt change.  i promise you, if you choose this, you will never be left behind.  be the change.  be your truth.

do you have any travel tips that your experiences have given you?  share them with me in the comments below!

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