#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: running home…

“go the extra mile, it’s never crowded…” -unknown

D A Y 4 for this BootsNAll Indie Travel Challenge…november, you’re going quickly…


HomeTown Travel

QUESTION : is there an awesome coffee shop, a local festival, or a place to get away that only locals know? tell us about a place in your town more visitors should experience.

this is a pretty easy one considering my hometown, where i chose to move back post travel, for this past up and down transition year, happens to be sitting at the gateway to the beautifully majestic north cascade mountain national park.

the methow valley is never in short supply of natures eye candy nor does it disappoint, regardless of season, to provide an abundance of outdoor and indoor activities to enjoy.  growing up in a tourist town was great in the sense that it’s small and intimate and whether you’re a local or a guest, you get that community feel straight away. there is always a community event on surrounding the arts and music.  talent abounds here in this little mountain town and the restaurants and shops are definitely worth indulging in. there are hundreds of local spots both secret and well known, my favorite these days happens to be close to my house and where i work.

the trail system all over this place is intricate and vast, whether you’re mountain biking, hiking, walking or nordic skiing, there is something for all skill levels and interests.  since the spring, my go-to trail has been the patterson lake trail situated above the water line of a man made lake.  this trail is not only scenic, but offers a range of inclines to keep my lungs and legs challenged, regardless of speed.  it’s also great for a post run cool down.  with the trail being uncrowded and the lake getting most of its visitors at the patterson lake cabins and boat launch, north of one of the trail heads, privacy is something that’s relatively easy to come by sans a few fisherman in boats here and there.  nothing better than a post sweat sesh skinny dip in the heat of the north central washington summer! by no means is this a place where only locals hang out, but it’s definitely become a special place for me to clear my mind, decompress and run it out.

there really is something for everyone here in this rural western themed town, roots grow deep here and i’m thankful mine were planted as a child…check it out for yourself and plan a visit!

how do you get in your zone and enjoy your hometown local hot spots?  share with me how #DoYouIndie in the comments!

join the Indie Travel Challenge with me here.

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