#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: lessons in warrior ways…

how is it already 3 days into the month of november?  not that i’m complaining…friday needs to get here right meow, please and thank you!

here goes another question from BootNAll for this little Indie Travel Challenge i’ve decided to join.  i’m really digging this “write something every day” thing.  definitely something to think about when i work to launch this next blog adventure…stay tuned kids, i’m plotting and planning and getting REALLY excited for 2016.  bring on a new year, new moves and a new age!


QUESTION 1: What has long-term travel taught you?

this seems like it would be an easy one, however, considering the teachings i gained from my life on the road, it would take us until the end of time to discuss this.  i’ll shorten it for you…it’s only tuesday afterall.

long-term travel taught me how to be a warrior for my own life.  honestly, i KNOW there were people, family and friends, acquaintances and co-workers, not really anybody’s and serious somebody’s in my life who didn’t think i could hack it.  people who didn’t believe that i would choose to stay in Australia for the entire 12 months of my work and holiday visa.  {if you are between age 18-30 and looking for an amazing opportunity to work AND travel, i strongly suggest you take advantage of AU or NZ’s visa exchange program…check it out here and here.}  being a nester and an avid lover of having roots most of my life made me indifferent to change.  as i dove further into adulthood {read some of my latest musings on THAT adventure here and here}, i realized that truly the only constant we can rely on in this one crazy, beautiful life is       C H A N G E…and the universe has certainly had a ball throwing some major ones at me over the years.  once i accepted change as a constant in my life, it became a companion…a confidant…a comfort to add to my vagabond load.

in the {just 21  days shy of a…} full year i was living and traveling abroad, i learned that i’m a survivor.  that i’m capable of pushing my body harder than it’s ever been pushed before, that i can feel things more deeply than i ever thought possible, that my mind can continue to expand and grow with every passing minute, every passing human, every passing experience.  pushing yourself to limits and then crossing your own boundaries into a new dimension will ALWAYS be worth it.  travel, will ALWAYS be the teacher of those endless possibilities.  once you open your heart and mind, tap into the depths of your own soul, you will never be the old version you were before, but a 2.0 version that longs for the next adventure, yearns for faraway places that will teach you a million more things…you learn to fight for your own life…for your heart, your body, your mind.  and nothing and no one can ever take that away from you.

travel continues gifting that power to you should you allow it…for the rest of your life.


get on board with me and join the Indie Travel Challenge today!

how do YOU indie?!  share your story with me in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: lessons in warrior ways…

  1. How about the biggest lessons like:

    1. Lots of things you’re supposed to fear abroad are unfounded. And when you figure that out, you start questioning a lot of what you’ve been instilled with from an early age. When you awake your life begins. Your bullshit meter fully develops.

    That is the biggest cheat code you’ll ever have in life.

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