#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: the currency of life…

“some people are so poor, all they have is money…” -patrick meagher

kicking off day two for the BootsNAll Indie Travel Challenge…


QUESTION: how is having experiences better than having possessions?

this question happens to be one i sought after diligently in my gap year living in australia.  i’ve written about it a lot…like here aaand here and tapped into my true feelings on the subject when i was published in CREATIV magazine here on pg. 16-17.  CLEARLY, a subject i feel quite strongly about.

throughout my life, i’ve been fortunate enough to be taken care of.  be it self care or all those years my parents spent working their tails off, secretly crying in a closet {as we adults have sometimes been known to do}, to provide a lifestyle for my brother and i that we felt safe and comforted in, i’ve been well cared for.  my decision to take a year to live in a foreign country was by no means “easy” as it meant leaving my comfort zone…never a task to be deemed simple.  i was quitting a job i’d shed blood, sweat and tears {and countless paper cuts} over, i was saying goodbye to a city i had first established myself in as a post college independent woman in {can you hear the Destiny’s Child in the background?}.  i was leaving behind my incredible family and friends from many different life chapters.  all so that i could launch into a one way ticket adventure of growth and change.  feeling lost has a way of kicking you into the direction you need to be in…so that you can inevitably find yourself again.

it would take me years to write and have you read all of the lessons i learned living with a backpack as my constant companion for a year.  what i can tell you is this, possessions are lackluster…they are temporary…they are tangible.  experience cannot be touched…it must be felt.  although not all feelings become permanent, the experience of travel is.  experience keeps us alive, keeps us sane, keeps us human.  possessions are no more than a means to an end.  do we need them to survive?  yes.  sometimes.  do they define us?  only if we let them.  experience cannot be measured in quantity like our possessions may be, but in quality.  i found myself at my most raw, naked core in those 12 months of exploration in my physical and my emotional world.  at my core, i found myself to be the happiest with my 55L pack and the open road ahead of me.

to quote myself on how i truly feel about this:

“when you travel with less, you learn that life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans and that plans usually fall through so that greater things can fall together.  you learn that living within your means and off of nothing is absolutely the only way to know the currency of living life to the fullest.  i learned that i could endure physical, mental and emotional pain across continents, kilometers, miles and oceans and still have a reason to smile everyday.”

when you gift yourself travel, travel rewards you in the experience of a lifetime.

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CHALLENGE: Options over possessions is one of our Indie Travel Manifesto values. Go through your belongings and pick out three items to give away or donate. They can be clothes, dvds, a toy, or anything else that can be useful to another person. Photograph the three items and write about the experience and how it pertains to travel.

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