#DoYouIndie Travel Challenge: i see the moon…

“i am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world…” -mary anne radmacher

among the plethora of travel blogs i follow and read almost daily, is BootsNAll.  brought to me by my dear friend, mother of the amazing kiddos i nannied 6 years ago and avid traveler…go check out the busy and incredible adventures  of the Roaming Jones.  this month, #DoYouIndie, will become a campaign that gets me writing daily, gets my roots lifted and my wings eager for the next travel adventure…whenever that may be.  i posted my answer to yesterday’s question on my instagram account here {follow me @hallielauren}…but will post it here as well.  stay tuned for a post a day for the month of november.



QUESTION 1: why did you first start traveling?  why did you continue to travel?

the decision to travel for me came from a deep wanderlust formed when i was a kid.  i longed for long airplane trips that would take me to far away places where i could be immersed in culture and learn and see new things.  Australia  fascninated me as my first destination point since i was 10.  most people launch a backpacking adventure in Europe…the land down under was where my backpack and i journeyed and i wouldn’t have it any other way.  taking a year to live in AU changed my life forever.

i continued to travel because it becomes a part of you.  once you allow it to, you’re never the same again.  i stayed in hostels, hotels, home stays and farm stays with strangers who became friends, stayed in share houses where friends became family.  i hitchhiked, i bussed, i flew, i drove {on the other side of the road}, i walked.  i worked and beach bummed and explored and spent my final two months continuing to see the east coast and live out of a clown car, named Powla, sleeping on beaches under the stars and in a tent, in national parks and in one of the oldest rainforests on the the planet.  i continued to travel, because once you’ve seen the moon, that far from home, you’re just never the same.


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