white blank page…with some glitter and gold…

“for last year’s words belong to last year’s language…and next year’s words await another voice.”

out with the old and in with the new…

for the first time, maybe ever, i am kind of dreading the coming of a new year.  i suppose that’s a little too negative.  i am not so much dreading as having a tough time accepting…

NYE is always more about the hype and less about the fulfilling of expectations…should you be so bold as to create some.  i find it’s always a bit of a letdown…when you do expect something.  this year, i have to accept that the turning of a new year means letting go of australia a little bit more.  when i tell people what i’ve been up to, which is a frequently asked question these days after my decade long absence in my hometown. come tomorrow, when i run into old teachers, old friends, instead of saying i was backpacking around australia this year, i’ll have to say last year.  this reality, leaves part of me filled with sadness…a longing for my old life down under, amongst the beautiful hippie humans of my tribe…dancing under the stars, waking up early to catch breathtaking beach sunrises, kissing in the moonlight, finding magical places in the rainforest…but, this reality also leaves part of me filled with anticipation and excitement…because the turning of a new year, brings me closer to my next launch date.

PicMonkey Collage1


photo credit: various humans i love & yours truly

after an unforgettable, life changing journey of self exploration and travel, my backpack is on a shelf and my wings have been temporarily clipped .  i have been back state side for 3 months and some change…working my getting skinnier everyday ass off, paying off debts, living simply and modestly, enjoying my mountains and trees, creating a semblance of home back in my hometown.  roots grow deep here in the methow valley and although i still have a piece of my heart in the city of seattle, many pieces of my heart in various parts of australia, i am grateful to be ringing in a new year in an old place.  as a constant dreamer, i have set my goals high.  within the next 12 months i hope to be flying again…with a stopover in someplace old and a one way ticket to someplace new.  this new year for me brings a lot of challenges as i accept my reality in america, long for my feet to wander the world, let go of the adventure i just returned from, remember the memories and the lessons, hold the humans i fell in love with in my heart and prepare myself for what is to come.

PicMonkey Collage2


photo credit: various humans i love & yours truly

with every passing year we get a fresh start…a chance to begin anew with a clean slate.  i’m not big on making resolutions…i find that it’s the best way for me to fail before i start, so i refuse to make them.  i don’t write down how many pounds i think i should lose, how many spontaneous things on my bucket list i hope to complete (hashtag irony), vices i think i should quit, etc. etc.  for me, a new year means a challenge and last year presented many.  the new year brings 365 completely unknown, innocent, untainted, perfectly whole days in which to fill with adventure: to breathe in, create in, love in, laugh in and truly live in.  how incredible is that?!  we get an entirely new year to LIVE!

so although, the coming of NYE is bittersweet for me, i will be standing somewhere at midnight, in a fabulous party outfit, covered in glitter, hydrated by bubbly, not hoping to be kissed, but instead, hoping to make 2015 a brilliant chapter in my amazing life…just like i did  in 2014.

cheers to everyone who made this past year so magical for me…& cheers to the adventures that will come for all of us in the new year!




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