la familia de peace: where it all began…

“when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace…”

i have never been one to believe in luck much…maybe it’s because i am irish and that ship sailed a long time ago for us with some rotten potatoes…either way, somehow, i have been fortunate enough to be a piece in the creation of a beautiful puzzle forming a new family.

after carni hell, we journeyed back to byron bay where our souls were keen to feel pure and rested again, despite the pissing rain…again.  being back in byron wasn’t the calm i had hoped for because turns out, when your people aren’t there, the experience just can’t be the same.  as our lovely friend mara put it, “it’s not heaven unless you bring your angels with you…” and this couldn’t be more true.  byron wasn’t the same because all our humans had parted ways after the carnival.  so, we stayed for a few days, got some time in with the peeps that went back to the arts factory with us, got caught up on internet needs and washing and then it was time to seek less rain and more sunshine.  on the way up north, we stopped in brisbane again to collect our esky and some essentials from a friend who kept them safe for us, collected a lost jumper of awesomeness for a friend who we hoped we would see again soon, made a quickie stop in surfers paradise only to realize that we needed nothing more from that place than a lunch and a coffee, a picture of the sign to show we’d been there and we were jetting out.  our aim was for noosa, but alas, more pissing rain.  so to avoid being drowned rats, yet again, we optimistically continued north for rainbow beach to camp at one of the 8 campgrounds just off the fraser island ferry with the hopes we would see some of our new favourite boys when they came off from their fishing adventures.  more rain…(weird?!) resulted in us checking into a hostel…weather makes travel unexpectedly expensive at times, but oh well…the best surprises can come out of clouds of rain.  as we were waiting to check in, alicia and i both had this happy feeling that our boys were near.  as this thought crossed my mind, our frenchie max appeared behind us shouting, “are you f*cking kidding me?!” in his adorable accented english.  a sigh of relief and big screaming smiles and hugs shared, we decided to check into his hostel next door.  we met some awesome friends of max’s who are on a road tripping journey of their own making a documentary film and creating “the buskers guide to the galaxy” (check them out on their facebook please and give them a ‘like’!), partied and spoke to our dear british lad, sam about meeting up the next day when he and a mate were coming off fraser.



our morning kicked off with a less than impressive pancake breakfast, followed by a beautiful beach walk and an a ccapella harmony sesh between max and i…this boy can sing and play a mean guitar.  receiving word that sam and jed had hitched successfully off the island and were in rainbow ignited excitement because there was just something about this british lad that had come into our lives, he and i had an inside joke of becoming nuptially tied so sam could finally have american citizenship one day and i also had his lost amazing jumper and i was stoked to surprise him with it.  jed…what a legend of a human. an incredible israeli man with a smile to light up the sky.  the first comment he made to alicia and i when we met him for the first time was, “you give such GOOOOD hugs!”  instant adoration, friendship is amazing.  keen to continue their hitching adventures after surviving dingoes and possum attacks, sleeping in a disabled shower and a high heeled wearing tag a long, sam and jed took the essentials and were on the road…us adding max to the clown car with the hope that the boys would make it up to bundaberg to meet us later that night.  sure enough, they did.  so we camped at sharon gorge nature park and enjoyed some presents from nimbin after dinner and crashed out.  onward and upward we went to get to rockhampton, where our hitchers had to crash for the night away from us…staying with some hospitable bogan chicks with 4 teeth between the two of them, who gave them a ride from gin gin, while max, alicia and i camped outside a gorgeous fern gully oasis, minus the construction waking us up at the crack of dawn the morning after.  leaving the petrol guzzling machinery wasn’t a tough decision so we kept moving forward and found a beach we could camp on for free…we were instantly sold.


carmila beach will forever hold a special place in my heart.  i will always be grateful for the two nights and three days we all spent there, just outside mackay, forming our family, growing to adore each other, sharing stories in 3 different languages, laughs, pitch black beach walks with the tide out and the shooting stars lighting our way, music by the campfire, more stage fright breakthroughs for me, sunrise walks to take unforgettable photos, an unexpected spark ignited from a silly inside joke…life changed as we all knew it on that beach.  jed’s mate from back home in israel, yuki, had their 4×4 and met us there.  when we rolled into the safe beach haven just before sunset, we had two new frenchmen to hug thanks to jed and sam’s hitching skills.  i was in beach camping and boy heaven.  we now had two israelis, three frenchmen and an englishman in our road tripping lives to make us smile, laugh and appreciate our camp style cooking.  the new frenchie’s, jacques and pierre louis (pilou), decided to keep convoying with us so after a couple nights in our carmila bliss, we journeyed to ball beach and stayed at a campground where a delicious american style meal of burgers turned my roaddie mate back to her carnivorous ways…no vego’s allowed…and resulted in an early morning wake up call to see the sunrise and enjoy amazing beach chats.  ready to hit the town in airlie beach, alicia and jed had a go at hitching and didn’t even have time to lift their sign or drink their roaddie beers before the got picked up. life in a convoy…is good.



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