it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later: leaving adelaide

“the language of friendships is not words, but meanings…”

after a busy and incredible travel adventure with my dad, i had to get back to working my ass off for a quick month back in adelaide to save money for my road trip up the coast that had been in the plotting process since before christmas. before i met my dad in melbourne, i planned to just stay in melbs for that final pre-roadie month and work, but after feeling so happy and relieved to be back in adelaide, it was decided that i hadn’t been quite ready to leave it yet. luckily, my bar job at the good ol’ wazza was begging for staff as a few gems were moving onto other things so they took me back with open arms, at 5-6 shifts a week and i was paying zero in rent at my friend ben’s house…his housemates were the coolest…thanks again mr. and mrs. trenwith for your epic hospitality and helping a poor traveler make her way through your beautiful country!



photo credit: the beach

don’t get me wrong, my last month in radalaide included some fun…never too busy for a sunday sesh at the dub which turns into a crazy night at zhivvie’s…but this time around, priorities were kept in check and i managed to save heaps working AND playing. returning meant being back with my all star hospo crew…gaining more time to get closer with the fantastic humans i spent most of my nights with slinging drinks, rolling my eyes when asked if i am american yet again, eating way too many salt and vinegar crisps during knock off drinks and loving life with. as well as my beautiful best adelaide girls and my awesome old pier crew. coming back for those short weeks that went too fast, solidified even further that adelaide, specifically glenelg, is indeed, my australia home away from home and the people i have come to love and cherish, are my family there.



photo credit: various lovely humans i adore

dreams of returning to australia as soon as possible have already been dancing in my head and hosting aussie friends in the states is a plot that continues to thicken the closer i get to my return. i can’t wait to show some of my favourites down under what north america can offer. i have been told countless times that it’s never goodbye…it’s a see you later. well my see you laters on my last night in the bay were full of many drinks, a few shots, lots of dancing (yes, humans, i finally caved and danced it out on the sticky excuse for a floor at the grand, the one place i vowed i would never go-except for those two quickie tequila shots a beautiful blonde fashionista friend and i took in daylight before almost missing the tram into the city my first month in ade-messy tears…hard to see boys cry…hard to see your friends cry…amazing to realize that these people who you absolutely adore, also adore you. two lovely friends who i also called housemates for a short time, brought me to the airport, bought me brekky, treats for the flight and kept me company before i boarded. another shockingly awesome surprise to my hungover (mostly from the crying) head, was when my two beauties showed up at the airport gate to send me off officially…as if the previous nights mascara runs were needing a repeat show. bittersweet, but they know how to make an american gal feel special and wanted. my incredible first bartender friend wrote me a beautiful letter that induced more tears on the airplane to melbourne. it is truly breathtaking to read what you mean to someone else’s life…especially when you never knew you meant so much in such a short time. another surprise came in the form of a USB stick full of aussie musical awesomeness that my eardrums can’t wait to receive when i get back to life with an actual computer in it…that will always remind me of the boy who i connected with on art, music, style and all around quirkiness.


photo credit: various amazing humans

the people i had the opportunity to spend time with in south australia will always hold a special place in my heart…thank you for everything you did to help my travels stay on track financially, mentally and emotionally.  i cannot put into words how much my world has improved now that you’re all in it…i wouldn’t have been able to get this far without you and i won’t ever be the same after having met you. thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you. cheers, prost, slainte…


photo credit: various {sober} bar patrons

it’s people and places that become the essence of you when you are traveling. missing one home that you left, however many months ago, is hard, missing two is heart wrenching…but without a doubt, worth each tug at the gut and every single tear drop.


photo credit: Cindy Johns


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