the outback: get lost to find yourself…

“ruin is the road to transformation…”

although i wouldn’t consider myself to in any way, shape or form, be a ruined woman…i do believe this statement to be true. you can take it or leave it, but i have been doing current research into the subject and it’s a thing…hang onto the concept.

public service announcement: australia is awesome. please write that down, save it away for a rainy day, memorize it, you’re welcome. this land is fascinating to me. in a country that is also a continent and an island, that inhabits only 22.68 million people, despite it being about the same size as the united states, you can be in holdfast bay…running the esplanade in glenelg, south australia in the morning and should your little heart have the desire for an epic road trip adventure (as mine so frequently does these days), by night fall, you’re en route to the middle of nowhere, central oz. you can drive 1,530.8 km (thanks google) and boom…you’re in the outback…and it’s probably not what you think it is.


on a recent road trippin’, soul searchin’, friend collectin’ journey to alice springs, nt i had a thought (well i had a lot of thoughts, but you know…), life pushes through. everywhere. anywhere. in the most unassuming places, in the most unexpected ways, life springs eternal…despite hard, dry, cracked earth that hasn’t had a drink of rain in months (or sadly in this drought ridden country…years), regardless of extreme heat or harsh wind, life. pushes. through. isn’t that one of the most beautiful things you have ever heard?! it changed my life. seriously. it makes any brick laid upon your growing emotional wall, every padlock you’ve lost the key to around your heart, each tear drop you’ve shed on those rainy days feel insignificant…because of one thing: life. and life is for living, man! (actually come to think of it, stop reading this blog post right now and go out and do some epic life things!!! now! gooo! but then come back and read this because i don’t write these for nothing.)


good on ya life getter! you are just killing it! now that that’s been sorted…
the purpose of my trek to the infamous middle was to attend an arts, music and culture festival called wide open space at the urging of a beautiful friend from the states who had already attended a festival similar and was sold on the concept. what i didn’t leave my city home knowing was what i would discover heading out into the outback. i realised how truly grateful i am to be a human being on this planet, how incredible life is…everywhere, that connections can be made when you need them most, friends become your family…near and far and the most important thing the outback instilled in me, i am happy. like pharrell williams, minion dancing, giddy little school girl kind of happy!


when you realise that happiness is a colour you never want to stop wearing, you become even more open to people and things. the people i encountered at this festival were incredible! i committed to 8 volunteer hours to work off my festival ticket and get reimbursed. my time was spent at the front gate the first day, checking people in, scanning tickets and putting wristbands on very stoked attendees. that night, i was able to enjoy music, watch an awesome kid impress us with his poi throwing skills and due to a neck injury i unfortunately woke up with on the camping//road trip up, laid on a sleeping pad at our campsite, cuddled in layers of clothes and a sleeping bag, ready for some alone time and looked up at the stars for hours… damn it is good. the next morning, i awoke feeling refreshed and although the neck was still a bit worse for wear, i spent two hours completing my first shift of the day on site management duty. after a full on first night of party happenings and festival heads commencing their weekends, i was baffled that the grounds looked decent. there was no shortage of bins to sort rubbish in, but what made me smile was that everyone handled themselves responsibly and with respect to the earth and their fellow man. beautiful! a true testament to the types of humans that fuel this event and make it continue to grow in all the right ways so it may remain a diamond in the rough in the northern territory. life dudes, the outstanding people i have encountered in australia…they know how to live it…to the fullest.


i left feeling more alive than when i came…and there’s nothing like a wide open space, to make you remember how truly small you are. but although small, a heart full of big love is what remains.

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