a hole in ozone…

“it ain’t the heat, it’s the humility…”

thank you yogi berra for your random wisdom.

best to state this up front…despite a childhood memory that includes manufacturing golf clubs with my dad in our garage and having a business with him at age 6 (and a me size set of clubs to call my very own) and learning a few things after my amazing seattle summer of being on a competitively awesome putt putt team, i’m no golfer.  australia, you swung and dayuuum…we call that a hole in one.  things really are different down here in the southern hemisphere. and when they say things can really heat up, they aren’t exaggerating or making things sound spicy for the tourist magazines. they mean that it’s really bloody hot down here.


this just in, no one actually says, “put another shrimp on the barbe,” in oz.  at least not in my current research…please stay tuned for further insights.  so…cheers, america, get over it.  if they do, in fact use this overly stereotyped and failed american attempt at a decent aussie accent statement, i assure you, the shrimp is in fact, you.  that’s right…the white ass american gal who’s toasting herself on the white sandy beach at a lovely 40+ degrees celcius. yeah, you! forgetting to flip yourself over for an even cook.  and the barbe they speak of…it’s the beach. only it’s not just any beach…here in SA (south australia…and today on hallie street: geography!)…the BBQ you’re roasting on, is where a hole in our beautiful yet diminishing planet’s ozone layer lies.  the word “ouch” has come to mind…a few times in my life as of late…as i sit gently rubbing aloe vera gel on my burnt chest or shoulders or…you get the picture…kicking myself for my previous post about avoiding sunburn in a sunburnt country.  it would seem that karma knows no latitude or longitude, my friends.  nor do the beaches of sydney have anything in terms of heat intensity on the beaches of my current home, adelaide.


ah, but despite the burns i’ve been healing from, she’s a beauty and this city i now reside in, specifically the suburb of glenelg, a mere two blocks from the beach (two weekends ago, my arch nemesis), a quick tram ride into the cbd or a 45 minute jaunt (preferably by car…remember left is right and right is wrong here people), into the gorgeously picturesque wine country of the mclaren vale, i’d say my new digs are pretty fantastic these days.

i was so (insert adult adjective here) keen to get out of hostel life, be done with home stays and farm stays for a bit…despite my amazing experiences with all, but one…and get started on a real, authentic aussie life including a place to call home and a job to fill my eerily empty bank account.  enter adelaide. the place where an amazing mate, who i met back at my wine job in the states over two years ago, and her boyfriend, live and have decided to make me their housemate for awhile. (happy dance, happy dance).

after riding a bus 6 hours from narracorte (about an hour away from my last farm stay-see “going to jail” post), i hurried to pull myself together with what limited fashion statements i have in my possession these days and was whisked off to a 30th birthday bash which i vaguely remember as being awesome.  my first full week here was spent putting out resumes and good universal job getting vibes, watching far too much daytime trash tv-i desperately needed to catch up-and enjoying sleeping in my own bed, sans bed bugs and headphones.  i spent the holidays with alice and jordan’s family and friends in their hometown of port lincoln which without a doubt, has the most beautiful beaches i have seen on this trip.  beach camping, fishing, eating freshly caught seafood almost every night-including fish i helped scale and fillet (like a boss), even better company (including some stingrays) and a sparkler dance in the rain to ring in the new year and i was sold.


upon returning to adelaide and my glenelg home, i had a work trial at a bar down on the marina pier, walking distance from my house and an incredible place to enjoy sunsets.  turns out, i haven’t lost my bartender touch and i’m back in the game of slinging drinks, friendly smiles and trying to remember that they round up here when counting out change.  my place of work is a great spot, i’m making good money and i’ve got a lovely group of fellow buzz givers to rock my weekends with.


new place to call home, new mates, new job…aside from the irony that i traveled all the way from the emerald city to the land of oz…only to realise that i’ll be melting for the next few months (oh what a world!), 2014…you’re looking pretty grand!

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