melbourne…say it right.

“find out who you are, and do it on purpose.”

that dolly parton sure has big…insights. in all serious though, there is such beauty in this piece of wisdom. being on a journey like the one i’m on now is all about letting go…mostly just letting go of plans and expectations…which i worked at putting into practice before i got on that first plane out of dodge.

with embracing change and releasing a need or want for plans, it gets easy to just go with the flow more and more each day. so what was meant to be just one more night/day in melbourne (pronounced melb-in…say it right…or you’re sure to be made fun of in an aussie attempted american accent…which is always some twang of southern…i’d like to thank my travel friends and my own interest in this country for always saying it right…it makes a difference to people here) turned into an incredible week. i was meant to stay in a hostel…turned out i had booked one in a dodgy part of the city sooo thanks to an old mate i went to uni with back in the states and her new housemates (she moved here in november spontaneously), i was welcomed into their home for the night. i’ve never been so stoked to sleep on someone’s couch…no sarcasm. meant to leave on a train out of southern cross station the next arvo, i was convinced (with arm twisting and all that obviously) to stay through the weekend. best. choice. ever. i finally got to explore different neighbourhoods in melbs, see kite surfing for the first time…wicked as….hang with my american buddy, meet new mates, catch up with an old friend my brother grew up with, enjoy a rooftop bar, a house party, the infamous crown casino and i may or may not have tripped over my own two feet on the city streets earning myself some new battle scars.


i spent my time reading, enjoying good coffee and pastries, amazing company at this house full of warm hearted and open minded souls…welcoming me in with open arms. alicia and i, keen to see more of australia together, plotted a pending road trip up the coast to queensland (stay tuned for those epic adventures…coming in april//may)…i found the cafe i want to work at when i move to melbourne to live someday, we explored luna park, caught a st. kilda sunset, some cool live music at a random pub, made some new mates that may be a useful surf lesson connection when we make it up to newcastle, savoured the city walks and catch up talks and even enjoyed a 5k run together through a awesome trail.


one week. 3 bands listened to at pubs…for free. 2,578 warm summer rain drops. 15-20 new mates. 1 new mission. adopting melbourne as my home away from home..priceless.

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