going to jail…

“baaa baaa black sheep, have you any wool?”

after an extra few days in melbs, it was time to finally head to the victoria country and see what sheep farming had to offer. only…it wouldn’t be as easy as i had hoped to get to my next farm stay family. jet lag, train lag, car lag, walking lag, let’s just call it travel lag…it’s a real thing. and it messes with your overall brain function. with that being said, after catching my train out of southern cross that morning, i made it to warrnambool where i was to catch a bus to hamilton to be picked up my host family. time (among other ¬†contributing factors) was not on my side and as i stood outside the train station with my pack on, watching my bus drive away, it dawned on me…shit. i’m meant to be on that one. travel fail number 8 or something like that. so my limited options were: stay at a backpackers for the night and spend all day in this middle of nowhere town until the bus left again at the same time the next day or, take the new bus in front of me to mt. gambier and crash for the night in the old jail. naturally, i went to jail.


the old mount gambier gaol is a legit jail turned hostel accommodation…they even do weddings (book now). even though it was really just my only option after a 3k walk from the bus stop with my pack, it was a cool experience. the next morning, packed and ready to take on farm life, i ventured off to meet my new family of the week. but stopped to take photos of the blue lake before getting out of mount gambier…absolutely beautiful.


two adorable twin boys that are just as mischievous as they should be at 18 months, a cricket obsessed 9 year old boy and a lovely 13 year old girl were to be my company for the week…oh and the sheep. i was staying at a wool sheep farm…did i mention? it was really cool to try something new, see how herding works, how incredible kelpie dogs are trained and how hard they work, see just how important and useful wool is…i even read the industry association magazine with elton john on the cover…wool is pretty awesome. the family i stayed with was so great and want me back someday so i think it’s safe to say i made an impression. after adventures in babysitting…child and lamb alike…and an incredible meal shared with a canadian helpxer who bunked with me for my final day and night and our host family and their family friends…amazing barbe food, tasty wine and incredible conversation…it was time for me to head out of VI and into SA to take on whatever adelaide would bring.



3 thoughts on “going to jail…

  1. Hi Hallie! I’m loving your posts. So cool to see you finding your way, against some pretty staggering odds at times! You’re totally working out – can’t believe what an incredible adventure this is for you and I’m cheering you on, as ever! I have news about our Australia travels – will send you an email! Love, Gretchen

    • thanks g! definitely having the adventure of a lifetime. still have one more post coming to get me caught up to 2014. can’t wait for your email so we can plot our journey merge here in oz! love you, h

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