melbourne is for lovers…

“the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

after a 22 hour train//train station adventure in which i wasted a sleeping pill, got a total of 3 semi-sound hours of uncomfortable coach seat sleep and gained bags under my eyes, i arrived in melbourne. there’s usually nothing glamorous about a train station at 7:30 in the morning, even at southern cross, but on the particular day of my arrival, fashion was indeed the order of the day. it was melbourne cup day and the (already intoxicated) attendees were off to the races in style…cocktail dresses, fabulous high heels, fascinators and incredible hats, sharp suits and bow ties…people here take their horse racing VERY seriously. clearly i was underdressed so…before i got coffee to perk up my train lag (new term?), i decided a bathroom makeover sess was in order. no one ever said i’m not a classy lady, hey?

imageimageyes, hand sanitizer is imperative to the backpacker life. so is deodorant.  after feeling a bit more put together, i stepped out of the train station bathroom in pursuit of espresso, an almond croissant and happiness. feeling refreshed and a little more human, i was ready to conquer my new city of the day…with camera in hand. i had made up my mind before my trek from the country in NSW to the city in VI, that i wanted to find street art…melbs, you did not disappoint me.

imageimageif you enjoy art, music, coffee, food, great drinks, amazing people, city life and perks of the beach, melbourne is for you. this bustling metropolis is bursting with color and culture…i fell madly in love with it. i captured a lot in my one day in the city before heading south to the tiny heart shaped island of tasmania…melbs had me smiling all day as i turned down new street after new street only to find more art, more color and more culture. i suppose the reason i was lusting after this city so deeply was because it reminded me of home.

naturally, not wanting to leave australia anytime soon, means i’ll have to return to melbourne to live…someday.




2 thoughts on “melbourne is for lovers…

  1. I love that quote at the beginning – and what a cool-looking city! I love it that you’re having such a wonderful adventure, fabulous experiences, AND sharing it all with the rest of us (who are currently living in unremitting gray – sometimes dark, sometimes not so dark. I’d say “shades of gray” but unfortunately that phrase has been co-opted by a raunchy book title).

    Miss you, but envy you too……
    Grandma Joan

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