taking on tamworth…

“she’s gone country…”

so it’s been awhile since i’ve updated…i am aware. i’ve heard. it simply means i’ve been too busy living my life and had about zero time (or decent wifi) to write about it. which means…i’m sorry i’m not sorry to have kept you waiting with no new blog posts to read…i’m sure you’re fine.


to catch you up…i left sydney, after a week and took the train 6 hours north into the country. i spent a lovely 3 weeks (that was meant to be about 2) in the town of tamworth, nsw. there, i spent my days clipping wires to redesign a wine vine trellis (battle scars to prove it), mastering a john deere riding lawn mower, painting the lines on a tennis court, making bird feeders, propagating plants and trees, cleaning the pool, swimming in the pool, staining a well and fencing, clipping chook wings, becoming a tree branch cutting bad ass, shoveling mulch by the trailer full, raking the mulch over the garden (hours before a hail storm was to destroy my hard work), re-mulching said garden, cleaning up the yard after the hail storm hell, cleaning out gutters, conquering spiderwebs, and a bunch of other physical labor that left me sweating, smiling, singing at the top of my lungs and practicing flexing my biceps…seriously, i’m totally buff now.


the family that welcomed me into their home was incredible and i am so grateful that i met them. four kids was a cinch for this ex-full time nanny of four busy kiddos and i had a blast being around wild and creative young minds again. baby tex was quite smitten with me and the feeling was definitely mutual…so fun to hold and bounce a 5 month old baby and watch him grow even in the short time i was there. zoe and ruby are the sweetest twin girls ever and entertained me with acrobatic shows on their jungle gym, allowed me to work on my aussie accent when i read them bedtime stories and did all the voices, gave me much needed cuddles and sent me off with some new artwork for my soon to be rented flat. fergus, known as the ratbag 4 year old, was high energy, a class clown in training and one of the best sloppy kissers i’ve ever known. although life with 4 children is a whirlwind, this family is full of life and love and i feel so lucky to have spent time with them. bernie, steve and i became friends over lavish dinners, good australian wines and steve’s home brewed beers.


i was driven mad by sticky flies, but wouldn’t have changed my time in the country for anything. chasing roos on the mcgilchrist family farm in wallabudah, teaching the girls how to do hand stands in the artesian pools in moree, driving through the (nothing) town of gunnedah where model, miranda kerr is from, saving a baby tawny frogmouth owl from day birds after the hailstorm, avoiding injury during said hailstorm, enjoying delicious food and even better laughs, beginning that squat challenge my beach seeking bum so desperately needed, becoming less of a city princess and more of a worker bee, was priceless. i am truly learning what it means to see things differently and when it comes to some things…aussies do it better.

my time in tamworth was grand, but i felt keen to get off to try something new…knowing that my trip would (hopefully) finally hit me once i reached tasmania and my friend from back home…i set off to check the last thing off my list before a long train trek to melbourne…the famous golden guitar.

they say you can take the girl out of the country, but you can never take the country out of the girl. i guess that’s true…


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