avoiding sunburn in a sunburnt country…

“keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow…”

i put this quote to the ultimate test yesterday…turns out…helen keller was right. this face of mine…sans sunburn today, enjoyed a very glorious dose of below the equator vitamin d yesterday at the beach with very little shadow in tow. manly is about a 30 minute ferry ride from sydney harbour via circular quay (pronounced key, i quickly learned). so after navigating my way via train (i am now an expert public transit traveler) with the aussie version of an iced coffee (blended milk and espresso shots…not as bad as it sounds, but this gal shall stick to cappuccinos here for now since americanos induce confused stares) in hand and a coconut macaroon making my mouth water i trained it from king’s cross to central station to change trains and make my way down to the ferry wharf…manly beach bound. spotted a big and awesome sail boat (grabbed a photo for you dad!) on the ride across the water. sooo many boats. made me realize that paying for the sailing cruise through the whitsundays (famous) absolutely needs to be in my future…maybe sooner than later. record breaking heat wave rolling through oz for spring in october…better take advantage.


after docking and having a quick walk toward the corso…i heard the rush of waves and knew i was where i was supposed to be. with water in my pack (thank you high sierra and platypus for becoming the dynamic duo i will treasure on a daily basis) i beach bummed (with no bum burn) from about 2pm to just after 5pm. there is such a beauty in taking your time getting places and starting your day…i can get used to this pace. i was starved after being kissed by the sun all day so i went to a waterfront (and affordable) restaurant to enjoy an early dinner of grilled barramundi (famous fish here) and chips (fries). after hydrating some more and finishing my first and only full meal of the day, and after a brave seagull (“you’re rats with wings”…please read in aussie accent and refer to finding memo for reference) stole a fry right from my plate, i was finished and ready to be off again.


i walked the short distance from manly beach over to shelly beach, taking photos along the way and meeting some lizard friends. it’s amazing to me how the surfers and beach goers stay out in the water until the sun finally falls. my intentions were to catch the manly sunset i’d heard so much about from some mates back home who experienced it for themselves…too bad i wasn’t wharf bound to get back on the ferry in time. i missed the full sunset,  but still nabbed some cool photos along  the way.



riding the ferry back to sydney after nightfall was breathtakingly gorgeous…also, there were hundreds of flying creatures circling the sydney harbour bridge on the return trip which i can only assume were flying monkeys…i really am in the land of oz.


these ruby red slippers have more ground to cover so for now…i bid you all back home…goodnight. xo.


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