jet lagged in the city…

“don’t be scared to walk alone…don’t be scared to like it. there’s no time you must be home so…sleep where darkness falls…”


well mates, i made it to sydney and although my arrival was a day later than initially planned, i’m really beginning to think there’s something to that whole, “everything happens for a reason” business. being stuck in LA for a night…most of the next day at LAX, i found solace in a margarita…and then another bought by my first aussie mate, made on my homeland soil…kinda awesomely ironic really.  sitting at a bar, desperate for an internet connection that never came (i needed to do some trip planning reconnaissance with the arrival change…still feeling a bit bitter towards the travelodge on wentworth avenue here in syd…the hotel manager, who i didn’t get to meet upon check in or check out, wouldn’t change my arrival date so i was charged for a night I didn’t even get to stay there…not the awesome hospitality I was expecting, but moving on…) i heard from my baby brother which gave me the extra ounce of strength i needed before heading down to the fiji airways check in counter for mission: depart the states, round two. checked in for my flight, checked my 33lb pack, and off i went, navigating my way through LAX once again, but this time, to finally reach a gate!

the flight to fiji, was rocky at times…should have popped that sleeping pill earlier than i did…but overall, long and easy. cuddled up as best i could be with a blanket and two pillows, i slept a little. probably took about 6 naps within the 24 hours i was traveling to get here. which doesn’t feel as refreshing as it did back in kindergarten…let me tell you. i think the likelihood that i am feeling tired and bratty like a kindergartner is high today, good thing i’m keeping to myself mostly. when i arrived in sydney yesterday (which was tuesday here), i got my pack in record time and made it through customs like a champ. after waiting patiently to talk to a nice man at a concierge desk with no success, i decided to let him continue talking on the phone…clearly he was too busy for the likes of me…or maybe i looked exactly the way i felt upon arrival (likely)…which means he was terrified of me. i spotted a vodaphone kiosk and decided to activate my aussie cell phone. then i made my way down to the trains where i purchased a my multi pass to get around for this week, i boarded a train and cuckoocachoo i was off to downtown sydney to find my hotel. i got a little mixed up outside the train station (i got off at the right stop though…thank goodness for having the ability to read maps) and had to back track a bit…but i found my hotel before panic set in and checked in early. after an 11 minutes too long VERY expensive call to the states to let my worried dad know i was alive and mostly well, i decided a very long, very hot shower was in order so i could feel refreshed and ready to conquer…the hotel bed. i tried my damnedest to stay awake until at least 8pm, but i think i failed and only made it to 7ish…hard to say as when i woke up it was 9pm syd time and i quickly checked the clock and passed back out until 8:18am this morning. as a now experienced time traveler, i’ll let you all in on how your tomorrow is going to be since i’m currently experiencing it..lovely with a chance of awesome. you’re welcome.

after getting myself together while watching “sunrise” to get my local aussie news updates and the what’s happening in america, i realized that a girl really can feel like she can conquer the world with a fresh face of make up and a change of clothes. i checked out of my hotel, but checked my pack in for the day, and went down the street to eat a nice (and, fingers crossed, cheap) breakfast at two eggs cafe. tasty cappuccino in hand at an outside table slowly collecting sun, i picked my breakfast on the menu and opened my book. turns out, breakfast is probably the only meal i can afford to eat today, but i was able to stuff my face with a tasty smoked salmon and spinach scramble and the tastiest, seed and flavour (notice that aussie addition of the “u”?) filled sourdough bread ever…yeah, i ate all three slices…storing up until my free hostel breaky tomorrow…got a caffeine high…oh and hydrated with 2L of water…i have been SO thirsty since LA…all for the almost painless price of $20.40…no tip needed here! they let me sit at my table for a couple hours just reading and drinking water. after the sun started to really show its face, i decided a walk was in order.


i returned to my hotel to use the toilets (cafe had none…weird?) and ask where the library was…apparently the weirdest question ever from a tourist according to the front desk lady…just makin’ history down under folks! so off i went with a city map…or 4, a general direction and my headphones blasting the sweet sounds of macklemore and ryan lewis, in search of the state library. on my way, i saw a very pretty church…first time i grabbed out my canon camera on the trip.  it was on my walk through hyde park, i only kind of realized i was actually somewhere other than home…i have the interesting australian white ibis birds to thank for that…i’d also like to thank wikipedia for revealing what type of birds they were. you see, the city sounds of sydney had me confused…ambulances, busy cars and parades of tourists…acted as a very familiar lullaby to me and made me feel right at home.  good thing and bad thing…as it makes this trip seem less real in a way. so anyway, i found the library, so far the only place with free internet…$9.95/hour at the hotel, no thanks…and i’ve been here most of the day trying to get onto my email to see about helpx volunteer opportunities i have written in about, research more, and check in with some family and friends. i’m guessing once i’ve gotten more acclimated, i’ll feel the need to be connected a lot less, but today, i needed it a little.


i’ll be at a hostel in king’s cross the next few nights…feels like i’m going back to college…nervous to meet my dorm mates. hopefully i’ll make some new friends to see the sights with. i will say though…seattle has made me an independent woman who loves walking city streets alone.  music helps too…thank goodness for headphones and getting my iTunes handled before leaving my lap top behind.  it’s 5:30pm on wednesday, october 9th here…not quite time for darkness to fall and to curl up in bed, but my body is still tired from it being 11:30pm yesterday back home.  this whole time travel thing is confusing, but i’m sure i’ll get it handled soon.

off i go…cheers & xox.

2 thoughts on “jet lagged in the city…

  1. That church is actually their cathedral! It’s called St Mary’s! I spent Easter there with my family that was visiting from Singapore! I love that I now know exactly what library you went to!!!! I’m so happy you’re there I just wish I could be there with you!!! Sleep up sweet stuff!! xxx

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