meanwhile in lost angeles…

“life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans…”

a joke well played mr. lennon…well freaking played. although i tend to feel like the universe is constantly laughing at my expense (probably because she is…that saucy minx), i understand that plans change. i’ve learned to embrace it and let things be…no worries…hakuna matata…all that.  but turns out, i’m still human and in situations of stress and disappointment, i don’t always look the picture of perfect composure.

yes, i was the girl crying in the vortex that is the LAX airport last night. i was THAT girl…yup.  after a quick flight stuck in the middle seat from phoenix to LA, i waited in a slight panic for my backpack to slide down the ramp and onto my baggage claim carousel. turns out i won’t be considered one of the “smart travelers” this trip…too many toiletries to carry on so checked bag i must. after finally seeing my crocodile dundee colored pack emerge amongst the rainbow luggage on the conveyer belt, a sigh of relief and a strong urge to get my ass moving came upon me.  some interactions with helpful humans directed me where to go to catch the shuttle to international departures…then again another question on where to find my airline (that had no sign)…turns out air pacific is now fiji airways…goood to know…now. i get to the check in desk only to find out my life raft of pre-adventure will be deflated on a saturday night.  they closed check in at 10:30pm…as luck and universal humor would have it, i arrived at 10:43pm…shout out to us airways for taking so damn long for my crocodile to arrive safely back in my possession. turns out, i should have booked an earlier flight into LAX…alright life, i read you loud and clear! lesson learned.

sooo…here i sit…in lost angeles…after $150 in unexpected hotel room fees…grateful for a dad who is great at reminding me to breathe, appreciative of airport personnel and awesome friends back home who are willing to help a stressed out girl get answers and find late night solutions, thankful for still having an activated smart phone that brought me to the nicest courtyard marriot i’ve ever seen for a good nights sleep, and happy that although i’m a day behind my arrival in sydney…my adventure has already begun.

stay tuned…it’s sure to be a bumpy ride…full of more detours, confusion, questions, panic and probably a few tears.



photo credit: Erin Riley

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