episode seventeen

“i can’t tell where the journey will end…but i know where to start…”

this song by avicii is really hitting home for me lately…thanks to my girl j-fresh and an epic sunday of boating and having this song on replay…it is now in my itunes library for eternity.  i know i haven’t written in awhile.  like forrrevvverrrrr (please read that in a squints from the sandlot voice). i’ve had to be secretive and cryptic and super stealthy on certain social networks due to my job.  but now…i have put in my two weeks notice, my awesome travel news has been shouted from mountain top, roof top, rainy and sunny city streets, headlined across facebook, instagram and other interweb what have you’s and i am finally able to get back to my blogging with a very refreshed smile on my face…and about 100 tons off my secret keeping shoulders.

the past almost two months of not writing has been tough.  this whole blog business has been a major release for me and has helped me gain perspective about some things i’ve been carrying around.  and those months have been CRAZY busy.  i’ve been way too busy for my own good and when september 5th hit and i was reminded that i leave in exactly one month…i kind of freaked out a little.  i’ll be honest, periodically, i’ve been freaking out for about 2 months.  time has escaped me.  and i overbooked myself kind of on purpose and kind of unintentionally.  so there have been some “i wish i hadn’t committed to this” and “i wish i hadn’t spent that weekend doing that” moments, but c’est la vie.  i have spent an epic seattle summer with friends and family and done some things i never thought i would do.  for instance:

  • been a little bit homeless, but thanks to an amazing hairdresser/friend/fellow musician/photographer and australia lover as well as my incredible nanny family (currently in turkey on their around the world trip) i was saved
  • trained for a half marathon (disclaimer: race was not completed due to breathing/allergy issues, but in 2014 it’s ON!)
  • completed the running leg on a iron girl triathlon relay team (3.1 miles in under my pace goal and my team took 9th overall out of 16 relay teams…because we’re AWESOME!)
  • played on an epically amazing putt putt golf team with co-workers who have quickly become some of my closest friends.
  • encompassed a “i have nothing to lose” mentality and found out it’s worth it.

although time has been slipping through my small hands these last few months, i have been productive in my trip “planning” and getting some things handled.  for starters, i renewed my passport.  i FINALLY have a (somewhat) better photo than my first when i was 18. i made calls and got answers about timelines and visas and a bunch of governmental things that websites are designed to confuse people about…and i actually got to talk to humans!  i applied for my work and holiday visa.  a mere 5 days after applying, i received my acceptance email that the visa had been granted.  i almost cried.  it was the final logistical step to getting things alined for my trip.  now that all that is finished, i have to get my new home purchased (yes, i know…i still haven’t bought a backpack) and do some mock packing trials and come october 5th, i’ll be ready mostly to board that plane.

there have already been a whirlwind of emotions surrounding my pre-departure.  and there are sure to be more feelings of bittersweetness to come.  but one thing is certain, everything…and i mean everything…since i made this decision to finally live out my dream of traveling and heading to australia, since i purchased my one way ticket (like a crazy person), has lined up and i’m guessing that’s because i’m really supposed to be doing this thing.  and i would not and could not be here without so many amazing people in my support system making this possible for me.  (this sounds like a grammy acceptance speech…just practicing for my future here folks!) here’s the highlight reel: my fantastically wonderful and always supportive dad, my incredible o’reilly clan who just attended my loud and fabulously obnoxious family going away party this past weekend, my oldest friend and kindergarten buddy who will always make my life a little brighter, my valley friends who have become my family since i was 8 years old, my awesome friends from college and my city life who have kept me laughing and on track, a best friend who sometimes forgets how important he is to me and a special shout out to my grandma…who is the woman i call my hero, the woman who inspires me to follow my dreams, who showed me that i can achieve them (at any age) and who loves me endlessly…my first cup of tea in australia will be only for you.

i know what i want to find out while i’m on my trip…a little.  and i have some semblance of a plan…sort of.  i’m not really sure of what will happen, but what i am sure of, is that when my trip ends and i’m ready to get back to my day to day life (and save up for my next global conquest) i’ve got one hell of a place to come home to.


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