episode three

“love is blind…”

it certainly can be…but i find that love always looks better with cool shades…i suggest you hopeless romantics out there get some (mine are pink and awesome…and also flip from studious glasses to party mode in a flash).  it’s that time of year when red and pink paint the sky and cupid’s arrow makes balloons and cards vomit in your local grocery store (clean up on aisle 5!)  it also happens to be the eve of my birthday…you might think being born on valentine’s day is wicked cool and up until i was about 13 i would have agreed with you, but these days it’s more just wicked…and not for the reasons you might think.  birthday’s are the one day we get to have as our own.  well i have to share mine which sometimes sucks because my beautiful, amazing in love friends usually have plans with their wonderful partners. however, this year, i’m doing my birthday a little differently.

did i mention my friends are amazing? because they are.  they came out and celebrated me last saturday in epic fashion which included the following:

  • lots of champagne
  • a little glitter
  • plenty of blackmail photos
  • fishnets and red lipstick
  • fireball shots (mmm!)
  • dancing
  • and A LOT of laughs

we celebrated the coming of my old age (27!) at a burlesque club here in my emerald city.  it was fabulous and saying i felt loved that night would be an understatement.  i felt so special and important…it made me realize how truly fortunate i am.  it also made me feel lucky that i was born on a day that some of us celebrate love.  so for valentine’s day tomorrow – i encourage you to get your cool shades on, drink some cosmos (they’re pink after all) and celebrate the people you love…i certainly will be.

birthdays are kind of like the new year…they offer us a reminder to reflect on the past year, your previous age and all the things you did (or didn’t) do.  i told myself and some of the people closest to me last year that THIS year would be the year i would be celebrating my birthday in the land of oz.  well, sometimes we’re only a day away (thanks for that one little orphan annie) and sometimes we’re only a year away.  it dawned on me today, while coasting along a vast highway 82 in eastern washington coming back from a work trip, that next year i’ll be celebrating my birthday…and all the someone’s i love…in a foreign country. are you thinking that’s pretty freaking awesome?  because i am!

i think this is my year of love…my year to love my independence, my journey, my fear, my sadness, my laughter, my intelligence, my anger, my love…my self. in 8 short months i will pack my cool shades (and many other things) into a backpack and set off on the adventure of my 27 year old lifetime.  life and love are on the open road ahead of me and all i can really do is smile (and breathe really deep every time i get terrified).

so to end my 26th year, i’ve learned: “love CAN be blind…but it also helps us SEE” and that my friends, is a hallie original. xoxo.

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