episode two

“this too shall pass.”

or so they say…it might be true, but i’m starting to become a bit of a skeptic along with that line that says, “time heals all wounds.” i find that what heals wounds best is a tall glass of whiskey and your girlfriends…and that time turns out to be a tease.

the good news is that with a little whiskey and some humor, time disappears and you can move forward. i learned something today.  sometimes, even after some fickled hesitation and some soul searching, honesty really is the best policy…mostly.  even when you’re telling a persistent (and nice i might add) guy that you’re just not into dating right now…even when you say that thing…that one thing that can either make you sound selfish or awesomely independent…”i just need to focus on myself right now”…that thing.  it’s honest and it allows you to move forward.

a new year always tends to bring things into perspective for people. it’s like there’s this massive clock tower that’s haunting us all year and then, bam! the new year is looming and there’s all these things we forgot to accomplish…goals we didn’t reach…places we didn’t see…people we didn’t talk to.  i don’t make resolutions.  it’s just not my thing, but i do like to revisist my “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s” from the year that has just passed and figure out how to make some of them happen…

so speaking of moving forward…i find that planes can help expedite that process.  sometimes, it’s best to just get yourself a one way ticket.  so that’s what i did.  i have set a launch date for my international adventures. on saturday, october 5, 2013 i will be setting off to live out one of my many dreams.  i have always wanted to spend time in australia.  a lot has happened in the past 5 months leading up to a need for serious change.  a city change, a people change, a me change.  in 8 months i will fly from the emerald city of seattle to LA…from LA i will fly to fiji and from fiji, i will take yet another plane and land in sydney, australia.  on monday, october 7, 2013 i will wake up in a new place and everything will change.

i’m freaking out.  like seriously terrified of what i’ve gotten myself into.  but that’s the funny thing about life.  more often than not, when you choose change…it just helps push you further into who you were already meant to be.  so here i go…and the times they are a changin’.

3 thoughts on “episode two

  1. Your a great writer Hallie! Can’t wait for your Aussie adventures… There will be a wide door open to welcome you in South Aus!

  2. AWESOME! Can’t wait for the adventures to unfold, and to share a tall glass of somethin’ as we swap stories. Feelin’ those winds of change!

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