the pilot

i grew up a small town girl. it’s interesting how when you say ‘growing up’ people just assume you’re referring to when you were younger. the thing i’ve realized…the years where you REALLY grow up…are your twenties. those awkward, terrible, crazy beautiful years of finding out who you really are. the years where you learn from most of your mistakes and discover what you want…and inevitably what you don’t. since those are the true ‘growing up’ years…i’m a city girl now, doing all my biggest growth in seattle…and making plans for more growth in the world beyond the pacific northwest.

i am not your typical ‘blogger’.  in fact i never really thought about doing this as a consistent thing, but life is funny that way.  you go through it finding out skills you have and things you happen to be good at…some of those things end up being hobbies or creative outlets when you need some kind of release.  others become something you feel like turning into a career or investing a significant amount of time in.  writing for me, in many forms (journaling, songs, stories, etc.), has always been something i feel i’m relatively good at and it helps me process through things and move forward to the next chapter.  so here i sit, opening small details of my life to my friends and family and the random blog readers out there who are interested in being a little entertained by a stranger’s life story.

i have decided that since my life could be compared to a really hysterically awkward sitcom, i will write in episodes as opposed to chapters or normal blog titles.  so keep your eyes peeled for episode one…a hint: come ready to laugh and to tap into your own history of terribly comical situations with boys…

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